Ebru (Paper) Marbling


25 August 2019

10:30am - 1:30pm

Ebru is an Art form that must be practised slowly and mindfully, with utmost respect and care given to each stage of the process - starting with making the horse hair brushes by hand, mixing paints from natural pigments and preparing a water bath using a specialised moss to create the correct viscosity for the paint to interact with.


Turkish Ebru Marbling

Youth Workshop 
7 September 2019  

11am - 3.30pm

Ages 13 - 17 

Discover the ancient art of Turkish Ebru marbling. Experiment by making marbled paper, before marbling a concrete succulent planter to keep.

marbeled cancarete pot.jpeg

The Magic of Painting on Water Marbling Workshop

14 September 2019 

10.30am - 4pm

Marbling is an ancient form of visual art which appeared in 14th century, but possibly dates back even further. Marbling also often referred to as Turkish Paper or by it's original name; Ebru.

The paint is laid on specially prepared water and transferred to paper

with a most wonderful and beautiful effect. Fascinating and unusual workshop!

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