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Explore the Magical World of Paper Marbling with Ebru


A Journey Through My Marbling Workshops!

Welcome, fellow art enthusiasts! As Ebru, I'm passionate about sharing the magic of marbling with you. In my workshops, you'll not only learn the captivating techniques, but also delve into the rich history, traditions, and materials that make this art form truly unique.


Dive into the mesmerizing art of marbling, where vibrant colours dance on water, creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces! Join me, on a journey to discover this ancient Turkish technique, known as Ebru, and unlock your creative potential.


My Workshops:

  • Beginner-Friendly: No prior experience necessary! I’ll guide you through every step, to transferring the mesmerizing patterns onto paper.

  • Relaxing and Fun: Immerse yourself in the calming process of creating fluid designs, letting go of stress and unleashing your artistic spirit.

  • Unique and Personalized: Explore different colours, techniques, and even marbling on other materials like fabric or wood, making your creations truly your own.

  • Perfect for Individuals or Groups: Whether you're seeking a solo adventure or a fun activity for friends and family, I offer tailored sessions for all.



Workshop Options:

  • Introduction to Marbling: A 2-hour session covering the fundamentals of Ebru art.

  • Advanced Techniques: Explore more intricate patterns and marbling on different materials.

  • Private Sessions: Get personalized guidance and focus on your specific interests.

  • Group Workshops: Enjoy a creative experience with friends, family, or colleagues.


What You'll Learn:


Foundations of Marbling:

  • History & Traditions: We'll embark on a journey through time, exploring the origins of Ebru in 14th-century Turkey and its evolution across cultures. You'll learn about the fascinating stories and symbolism woven into these mesmerizing patterns.

  • Materials: Get familiar with the essential tools and materials used in marbling, from the specially prepared water and paints to the delicate paper and traditional tools like combs and sticks. I'll share insights into their unique properties and roles in creating stunning patterns.

Creating Patterns:

  • Basic Techniques: Master the fundamentals of creating mesmerizing patterns on water. We'll cover methods like dropping, swirling, and manipulating the paint to form enchanting designs.

  • From Traditional to Modern: Explore the diverse world of Ebru patterns, from classic florals and geometric shapes to contemporary interpretations. Learn how to achieve both traditional and modern aesthetics through your brushstrokes.

  • Transferring to Paper: Witness the magic unfold as we carefully transfer the vibrant patterns from the water's surface onto paper. You'll learn the delicate techniques crucial for capturing the beauty and uniqueness of each creation.

Advanced Exploration:

  • Beyond Paper: Expand your marbling horizons by learning how to apply this art form to various materials like fabric, ceramic, wood, and even leather. Discover the exciting possibilities and challenges of working with different surfaces.

  • Advanced Techniques: Delve deeper into intricate patterns and explore methods like comb marbling and vein marbling, unlocking new levels of artistry and expression.

  • One-on-One Fundamental Course: For a truly immersive experience, join my exclusive one-on-one course. We'll walk hand-in-hand through every stage of the marbling process, from preparing the materials to mastering advanced techniques.



Practice Makes Perfect:

Every workshop includes ample time for hands-on practice. You'll receive personalized guidance and feedback as you experiment with different techniques and create your unique marbled masterpieces.


Remember, marbling is a journey of exploration and discovery. With each workshop, you'll gain new knowledge, refine your skills, and connect with the creativity within you. 


Ready to Embark on Your Marbling Journey?

Contact me at to explore workshop options and if you have any questions or need further information.


Let's paint on water and discover the magic of Ebru together!


Much Love


If you are interested in creating a group workshop and collaborating, Please contact me. 
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