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Our Story



A Journey of Beauty and Self-Discovery

Ebru, the captivating art of Turkish marbling, is on the brink of disappearing. With fewer than 10 professional marblers left in the UK, this ancient art form classified as Endangered on Heritage Craft's Red List holds a special place in my heart.

As an Istanbul native, sharing my name with "Ebru" feels deeply symbolic. For me, Ebru isn't just an art form; it's a meditation, a slowing down, a connection to my roots. My Sufi grandfather, a marbling artist himself, instilled in me the art's mystical essence – a journey beyond creation, connecting with something greater.

Imagine a language of colors and swirling patterns. A master artist sees an entire world unfold on the water's surface, their pulse beating in harmony with this abstract dance. Each tray becomes a unique adventure, an exploration culminating in a snapshot of eternal beauty.

Ebru, a jewel of Turkish book arts, utilizes natural earth pigments sprinkled onto a thickened water base with special "wands" crafted from horsetail hair and rosewood. The resulting patterns are then transferred to paper, capturing the fleeting magic of the moment.

The word "Ebru" itself whispers of its origins. Derived from the Chagatai word for "moire," it evokes the rippling effects on the water, contrasting with repetitive patterns. Ebru's journey likely began in Persia, known there as "Abru" (water surface) or "Ebri" (cloud-like), before traveling along the Silk Road to Turkey.

While traditionally found on book edges, covers, and calligraphy backgrounds, Ebru's magic extends beyond paper. It adorns fabrics, ceramics, leather, glass, and wood. It's deeper than mere color play. Ebru teaches us patience, control, mindfulness, and limitless expression, a space to cultivate inner beauty.


Ebru Kocak

Ebru captivated me during my Fine Arts studies. My dear teacher, Hikmet Barutcugil, not only opened the door to this ancient technique but also ignited a passion for the meditative dance of colours on the water.


Beyond being an artist, I'm also a Life Coach and Family Constellation facilitator. My approach is deeply intuitive and spiritual, and I believe in the interconnectedness of everything. Ebru, for me, goes beyond creating beautiful patterns. It's a way to slow down, find your inner rhythm, and let the colours flow with joy.


Think of it as a moving meditation, a boundless source of creativity that allows me to share a piece of my heritage with the world. As a mother and healer, I see the power of both the meditative and creative sides of Ebru. It's a transformative journey for the mind, body, and spirit.


The true beauty lies not just in the final artwork, but in the journey itself. Imagine the dance of colours, the quiet reflection, and the pure joy of creation. Whether you seek a unique artistic experience or a deeper exploration of yourself, I'm here to lead the way.

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