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Authentic Paper Marbling One-to-One Workshop; 

I love to use the therapeutic side of the marbling in my workshops. Please  prepare yourself for a unique journey with marbling, where we will slow down  and flow in colours and breath. 

We will be meditating while creating unique patterns on the water surface and breath in the mesmerizing, colourful world of marbling.   

During our workshop you will be able to create unique marbled papers.  

You can either frame them for a gift, keep for yourself or use them as gift wrap or gift tags. There are so many more ideas to get inspired. 

Like life itself, marbling is an adventure where there is never repetition. The skyis the limit when it is comes to patterns and the surfaces that can be printed on. I love creating patterns and sharing my art at my workshops and introduce  people to the authentic roots where all the magic exists, with modern touch.  


If you have any enquiries or questions regarding my patterns, papers, studio  works and workshops please get in touch.  


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